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About Hugo Scooters


We know there are many options when purchasing an electric scooter. Who you purchase that scooter from will be the most important part in the process.  Hugo Scooters was created with the basic concept of providing very high-quality electric scooters at a very cost-effective price, with some of the best customer service offered in the scooter industry today.


Our founder began the journey involved as an electric scooter distributor and has always been focused on offering the best for less. Unsatisfied with so many of the poorly manufactured offerings for purchase, and depleted shared scooter fleets in the US is what ignited the strong desire and commitment to create something better.


Based out of Denver, Colorado Hugo Scooters has an expanding network of service partners around the country to always be of service wherever you may be located.  We invite you to come join us in being a part of making way for some of the best micro mobility vehicles of the future. We will always provide affordable scooters, all while delivering exceptionally high safety and quality standards to all our customers.